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IP E-Game Ventures, Inc.

Policy and Data on Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees, Including Company Sponsored Trainings


IP E-GAME VENTURES, INC. (EG) is presently a shell company with no operations and employees. However, in the event that it resumes its operations and hire employees, it shall have a policy and program in promoting and maintaining the health, safety and welfare of its employees, and through which human and operational efficiencies and company competitiveness is thereby achieved


  1. Adopt programs that will ensure employees’ safety, eliminate occupational hazards, promote safety consciousness in the work place, provision of protective gear and equipment, continuous training and education on safety practices, and allied programs.
  2. Formulate and continually review incentive plan/s that encourage and reward employees to contribute to achieving company goals and objectives.
  3. Provide adequate health benefits to the employees.
  4. Ensure a work place free from drug/alcohol abuse or harassment or discrimination or abusive behavior.


Employee Trainings

  • Relevant technical trainings and seminars on safety practices and proper handling of products, machinery and equipment


  •  Periodic fire and earthquake drill exercises

  • Periodic fire and earthquake drill exercises

  • 24/7 or round-the-clock security

  • Fumigation of building; regular maintenance and cleaning of air-conditioning, lightning /electrical, alarm and elevator systems; cleaning of building premises; provision of fire extinguishers and regular maintenance of building water-sprinkles;

  • Activation of Emergency Response Teams to lead during emergency situations like fires and earthquakes

Incentives / Recognition

  • Productivity incentives and bonuses to motivate / reward employees

  • Loyalty or Service Award to those who have served the company for a certain number of years

Health & Insurance

  • Medical benefits consisting of annual physical examinations, physician consultations, diagnostic procedures, and hospitalization for regular employees. Entitlement to Group Personal Accident Insurance and Group Life Insurance

Welfare & Security

    • Initiatives such as team building activities and socialization events that promote camaraderie among employees such Christmas Party, Company Outings, Sportsfests, etc.

    • Work place free of harassment, discrimination, harsh and inhumane treatment

    • Funded, non-contributory and defined benefit retirement plans covering permanent employees (“Retirement Plan”); the Retirement Plan pays out benefits based on final pay

    • Financial assistance may be availed via employee loans with the Company’s retirement fund

    • Bereavement contribution fund for the benefit of the employee’s surviving nominated

      beneficiary/ies (parents, spouse and children)

    Drug-free and non-smoking environment

      • Random drug testing is conducted unannounced at anytime in any business unit or work place.

      • Smoking is not allowed in the work place.