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IP E-Game Ventures Inc. (EG) was incorporated on November 22, 2005 to engage primarily in the business of interactive gaming and content distribution to the local, regional and global market. EG is the online gaming subsidiary of IP Ventures, Inc., through IPE Global Holdings Corporation. On October 16, 2007, EG was registered with the Bureau of Investments on a non-pioneer status as a new information and communication technology (ICT) export service firm in the field of application software/systems development for online computer systems.

EG offers a portfolio of online games including massively multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGs, and casual online games. Since it started operations in 2006, EG has commercially launched 6 MMORPGs, 3 casual games, and had a network of 28 main distributors and approximately 20,000 outlets. Starting April 1, 2012, however, the Company divided its business operations from online games to distribution of box games through its accredited retailers.

The Company is currently in transition from its old business model to a new strategic focus based on market opportunities deemed attractive by the Board of EG. The Company only a businesses associated with its old business model namely, Digital Paradise, Inc., a company engaged in the business of providing shared community access through the internet, computer leasing, desktop publishing and other internet-related activities. The Company is actively studying opportunities in the following sectors: Gaming, Leisure, and Entertainment and. Natural Resources.


Jaime C. Gonzalez  Chairman

Jaime Enrique Y. Gonzalez

Juan Kevin G. Belmonte

Roger Stone

Eduardo Martin T. Lichauco

Srinivas Polishetty


Jaime Enrique Y. Gonzalez  President/Chief Executive Officer

Violeta S. Reyes  Acting Chief Finance Officer

Albert Vincent Y. Yu Chang  Corporate Secretary

Jose Voltaire A. Bautista  Assistant Corporate Secretary